Are You Looking For a Reliable Lab Water Purification System? Consider These Useful Tips Beforehand

Are you looking for a reliable water purification system for your laboratory or hospital? Consider asking yourselves the following questions...

How User-Friendly is the Water Purification System? 

If you are looking to invest in a water purification system, always keep the end users in mind. You will need a robust and reliable set-up that consistently delivers the precise quality of water which they require.  

Other questions to ask yourself are; 

  • How often will people need to draw water from the system? 
  • Is the system easy-to-use? 
  • Is it easy to set-up? 
  • Has it been ergonomically-designed? 
  • Does it have a range of convenient flow options to suit your needs? 

Always keep your experiments in mind! As certain applications are sensitive to ionic or organic impurities (Check out our useful water quality guide if you are unsure), it is a good idea to monitor the resistivity or total organic carbon content of your lab water. Avidity Science lab water systems can provide you with real-time information on the quality of your water as it is dispensed. They will even let you know of any changes in system performance, alerting you when consumables need to be replaced.

How Many People Will be Using Your Lab Water System? 

Are you looking to supply one laboratory, a number of labs or an entire building? Will each laboratory needs vary, both in terms of applications utilised and volume required? Will this change in the future? If so, you need to consider a set-up which is scalable and can expand as your laboratory grows or your needs change over time. 

Whatever the size of your laboratory, Avidity Science supplies a range of options which can be used to build a system to meet your needs – from fully recirculating storage reservoirs, through to multi-step systems that can take a pre-treated supply of water elsewhere in the building and polish it at the point of use. 

What Support Will Your Supplier Provide? 

What kind of after-sales service will your water purification system supplier offer? Do they provide hands-on training so that you’re well-equipped to easily tackle routine issues or fit replacement parts yourself? As no lab is the same, will they offer a bespoke maintenance package to meet your specific needs?  

Avidity Science are here to support you throughout the process of selecting the correct lab water system. Our team of lab water experts will listen to your needs, and help you design a custom system that will meet your requirements. Our certified service engineers will install, validate, and maintain your equipment in accordance with the relevant regional standards. Our friendly After-Sales Service team are also on hand to identify parts, offer troubleshooting tips, and provide open and honest advice. 

To find the water purification solution that you can rely on for your laboratory needs - Get in contact with one of our Lab Water experts today!