Every day is World Quality Day at Avidity Science

Today, we are celebrating World Quality Day at Avidity Science, but quality is not an annual event for us, it’s something we live and breathe every day. From initial enquiry to delivery and installation of our own water purification systems or laboratory equipment, our processes and procedures are created, audited and reviewed to be sure we uphold these standards.  

We have been certified to ISO 9001 for nearly a decade now and its very apparent as you interact with every member of the team that is part of ‘what we do’ and an integral part of our culture, values, and processes.   

If you’re wondering what ‘Quality’ looks or sounds like, then it is best explained through the processes, systems and multiple check-points that we have in place across the business.

Every product we manufacture follows its own special journey through the production process and every stage has a dedicated member of the team responsible for its welfare; making sure what we offer is of the highest quality when it reaches the next stage or a new home. Below is an example of our Certificate of Conformity which is issued for all consumable items manufactured by Avidity Science.


The golden rule is that our technicians are not allowed to check and sign off their own work, so we make sure every stage has at least two sets of expert eyes on it.

Oh and if you are wondering what quality ‘tastes’ like, we are celebrating today with a delicious ‘Made in Britain’ buffet lunch today, which is another reason World Quality Day puts a smile on the faces here!