Green Innovations - What makes our Lab Water Systems so Eco-Friendly?

As manufacturers of unique, contemporary and efficient designs of laboratory water purification systems, we are committed to providing a product range offering features which minimise energy consumption, increase productivity and reduce overall running costs. 

Avidity Science lab water systems are the first choice for users wishing to demonstrate a greener and more eco-friendly commitment to environmental sustainability campaigns, saving on power consumption, water wastage and money.

Each of our RO water systems recover up to 50% of water processed through the RO membranes 

Due to the innovative configuration of the RO membrane and boost pump, when the final conductivity measurement is taken, any permeate water not meeting the required set point is recirculated back through the RO membrane rather than being flushed to drain. This process greatly improves the quality of the water and minimises water wastage.

RO Recovery

Consumable life is extended - Saving you money

Only water of the acceptable grade will progress through the Endure Purification Packs, making them last much longer as a result which can save you money. Cartridges are also NOT chipped via RFID (radio frequency identification) like many other models on the market, meaning that you change them when they are fully exhausted, not when the internal timer dictates. This helps minimise waste to contribute to a greener environment.

Avidity Science Endure Purification Pack

Low energy consumption

Avidity Science lab water systems use less electricity than a domestic light bulb (60 watts), when in standby. This helps to preserve natural resources, reduce pollution and save money.

Energy Saving Mode

The Avidity Science Duo and Alto water systems automatically switch to an Energy Saving Mode after a period of inactivity. This reduces running costs and creates a quieter working environment.

Avidity Science Alto Type 1 Lab Water System

Our Reservoirs and Endure Purification Packs are manufactured from recyclable materials

Manufactured from recyclable polyethylene, our storage reservoirs are smooth and crevice-free, which makes them easier to sanitise and less likely to cultivate microbial growth. 

Water Reservoirs

Anti-vibration & dampening technology

Using a unique dampening method, we have reduced pump noise and increased component life expectancy with less need for replacing critical parts.

How sustainable is your lab water setup?

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