Biological Safety Cabinets

  1. The only time that Class should matter; in Biological Safety

    The only time that Class should matter; in Biological Safety

    We’re taking it back to the beginning to remind ourselves of why Class is important when it comes to choosing the right Safety Cabinet for your work.

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  2. Biological Safety Cabinet – Infectious disease testing containment

    Biological Safety Cabinet

    NuAire provides class II Biological Safety Cabinets for your “point of care” microbiology laboratory.

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  3. Key Considerations When Purchasing a Biological Safety Cabinet

    The purchase of a biological safety cabinet should be made with much consideration. Biological safety Cabinet manufacturer NuAire outlines the key considerations when purchasing a Biological Safety Cabinet. Read on to find out more.

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  4. Ten Tips for Working Safely in your Biological Safety Cabinet

    Good technique when working within a Class 2 Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) will minimise air turbulence and prevent splatter or unwanted spread of aerosols. Safety Cabinet experts NuAire recommend 10 tips for good technique that will maximise potential protection of personnel, product and environment. Read more here.

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