World Quality Day 2018

Today, Avidity Science celebrates World Quality Day - an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the workplace and organisation.

‘Quality’ can be an overused word and it is often thrown into the conversation, losing its meaning in the process. However, to Avidity Science, Quality has significant meaning and it is important to our business that this message it portrayed to our customers.

We strive to demonstrate a commitment to quality practice in the delivery of service, product & technical support to our customers. Our QMS has been present in our UK branch since 2009 with the first certification to ISO 9001:2008 being achieved on 28th June of that year. Since then, the system has evolved with the company and it now covers every aspect of the business including our most recent scope extensions of R&D and Manufacturing in 2017 to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. However, we’re not finished and 2019 will see further enhancements to the system.

As a distributor of lab equipment, supplies and consumables, we are proud to have partnerships with the best in the industry, including NuAire and Systec GmbH, of which we are their exclusive dealers in the UK. 

Our high-quality range of bench-top lab water purification systems have been designed and built in the UK to the highest standards. They produce pure water to match the requirements of all research laboratories and hospital facilities, from Primary Grade, Type 3, to Ultrapure, Type 1, water.

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