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  1. The Key To Extending The Life Of Animal Drinking Valves

    Valve Care Graphic

    What are the most common water contaminants? Avidity Science Drinking Valves are made from autoclavable 316 stainless steel and silicone rubber components, materials renowned for their resistance to chlorinated or acidified water found in animal watering systems. We have best practices for the care of our drinking valves which includes information for sanitization, sterilization, and storage of the valves whether they are integral to the cage, removable or integral to the manifold. These guidelines are key to extending the life of your drinking valves.

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  2. Avidity Science Expands Biomedical Research Solutions

    Avidity Science™ Expands Biomedical Research Solutions Through Acquisition of New Companies

    New Companies Logos

    Long Crendon, Thame | October 26, 2020 – Today, Avidity Science announces significant steps in expanding its global leadership in biomedical research solutions via the acquisition of Bio Medic Data Systems, Hydropac®, Lab Products, Inc., and Harford Systems. These investments expand Avidity’s portfolio of water purification and delivery products, control and monitoring solutions, and service capabilities to enhance its support of the global biomedical research community.

    “We are excited about this investment as it adds critical products, capabilities, and services to our industry-leading biom

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  3. Water Quality in Automated Watering Systems

    What's In Your Water?

    What are the most common water contaminants? A basic principle in research is to eliminate as many variables as possible during a study. Water quality is an important variable to consider. Many contaminants are found in water such as particles, organics, dissolved ions, pyrogens, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

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  4. Qualité de l'eau d’abreuvement des animaux de recherche

    Que contient votre eau?

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  5. Keeping the Lights On | Lighting Control for Vivariums

    Lighting Header

    Keeping The Lights On

    Many animal behaviors are strongly influenced by the amount of ambient light. Lighting is a critical factor in both circadian rhythms and breeding cycles. Knowing the importance of lighting in the vivarium, how do you select the best lighting solution? 

    Lighting for vivarium use should be designed for animals and the staff that care for them. Energy efficiency is important, but it is secondary to reliability and verification of lighting. Animals cannot override the lights if the lights are not correct. Vivarium management must ensure proper light cycles for animals under their care and provide evidence that it is working correctly. Reliability means knowing what failures the system can detect and if these failures can be automatical

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  6. Avidity Science™ Expands Water Purification Leadership Via Acquisition of Cascada™ and Operations Investment in Asia

    Avidity Science™ Expands Water Purification Leadership Via Acquisition of Cascada™ and Operations Investment in Asia


    Waterford, WI | April 28, 2020 – Today Avidity Science announces significant steps in expanding its global leadership in water purification solutions via the acquisition of the Cascada Lab Water Purification product line from Pall® China and establishing manufacturing and distribution operations in Jiaxing, China. These investments expand Avidity’s portfolio of water purification solutions for science and provide regional capabilities to enhance its support of both its life sciences and biomedical research customers throughout Asia.


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  7. Download our Water Purification Guide

    Water Purification Guide

    What is water purification? What are the most common water contaminants? How is water purity measured? Avidity Science has put together a helpful Guide to Water Purification to help you answer the toughest questions on water in the laboratory.

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  8. Why do hospitals and laboratories require purified water?

    why do hospitals need purified water

    Hospital decontamination centres rely on a consistent supply of high quality purified water to wash, rinse and sterilise reusable surgical instruments and for the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes. Pure water is also used to feed clinical analysers in blood science laboratories. Read on to learn more.

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  9. Avidity Science Interviews Systec - The Autoclave Company

    Systec Autoclave Interview

    Avidity Science recently sat down with Jörg Winkelmann - the General Manager at Systec GmbH, a global leader in the sterilisation equipment industry, for an interview to discuss their innovative range of Autolaves and what role their equipment is playing during the COVID-19 crisis. Read the full interview here.

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  10. How do Systec Autoclaves increase safety against Coronavirus

    autoclaveThe new coronavirus COVID-19, which first appeared in the Chinese province of Wuhan at the turn of the year 2019/2020, has spread to all continents of the world within just a few weeks. National Coronavirus Research Sterilization Autoclaves and international authorities are currently managing efforts to contain the virus that involve deliberately interrupting infection chains. At the same time, the virus is being examined at laboratories worldwide and bred for research purposes in order to understand how it works. This enables the development of drugs and vaccines against COVID-19 (2019-nCoV / SARS-CoV-2) in the long term. Systec autoclaves are perfectly suited to comply with the safety guidelines at appropriate laboratories that have been published for this purpose by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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