• Dispensing and stacking of culture media into Petri dishes
  • Fully automatic
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Up to 900 units per hour
  • Accommodate dishes of diameter 35, 60, 70 or 90mm
  • Up to 26mm deep Petri dishes
  • 5.7" display
  • Integrated peristaltic pump
  • Optional additional pump for the simultaneous addition of additives
  • Carousel heights - 220, 440 or 660 Petri dishes
  • Processes test tubes with diameters of 13, 16, 20, 25 and 30mm
  • Optional printer function

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Systec Mediafill - Auto Dispensing and Stacking of Culture Media Into Petri Dishes

Fully Automatic, Safe and Efficient

Able to accommodate dishes of diameter 35, 60, 70 or 90 mm, whether standard or up to 26 mm deep Petri dishes, the Systec Mediafill dispenses into all Petri dishes. The system is simple and intuitive to operate. The dimensions of the Petri dishes being used can be called up from the database via the 5.7" display. Sterile automatic dispensing is performed precisely via an integrated peristaltic pump. Depending on requirements, there are three carousel sizes for 220, 440 or 660 Petri dishes. Having a range of options, the Systec Mediafill can be configured for the most diverse of applications, for example through an additional pump for the simultaneous addition of additives.

Furthermore, the Systec Mediafill can be easily converted into a tube filler using the same vessel. This automatic system can be fitted with up to 4 racks and processes test tubes with diameters of 13, 16, 20, 25 and 30 mm. Racks with test tubes of different diameters can be filled simply and efficiently in one work sequence.

A high quality fully automatic plate pourer process for filling and stacking your petri dishes with media for microbiology without any intervention required. Smooth, silent, easy and intuitive operation.  


  • One touch dish selection – integrated database for pre-programmed Petri dish sizes
  • Unattended, fully automatic process – filling and stacking without user intervention
  • Smooth and silent operation – maximal reduced noise emission
  • Even aluminium surfaces – easy to clean, no holes or gaps where media can flow into
  • Carousel heights available – for 220/ 440/ 600 Petri dishes (at 16.5 mm dish height)
  • EasyStack – stacker-carousel can be fully removed from Plate Pourer
  • Integrated peristaltic pump (main pump) – for precise filling of media
  • Optional peristaltic pump (additives pump) – for precise adding of additives
  • Drop-Stop function – prevents spills at the filling nozzle
  • Shaker function – optimal distribution of media into Petri dishes
  • UV-Lamp with 2.3 W UVC light emission – reduces the risk of contamination
  • Manual filling function – either by foot-switch or timed delay
  • Peltier Cooling – for re-cooling of Petri dishes (optional)
  • Printer function – printing directly on Petri dishes (optional) 
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Systec MediaFill




Systec Mediafill

  1. Media Preparation - Mediaprep 10 - 120
    • Precise controlling and monitoring of temperature, time and pressure guarantees constant high quality
    • Rapid cooling
    • 60-120 minutes programme time
    • Support air pressure prevents overboiling and foaming of the media
    • Touch screen display
    • 10 to 120 litres
    • Monitor the full process via PC or optional printer
    • Easy to transport

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