Avidity Science recognises the importance of the steam sterilisation process in your laboratory.

Avidity Science are the UK distributor for Systec GmbH, a world leader in sterilisation solutions.

We know that you need the reassurance that each cycle you run is safe, accurate, reproducible and validatable. We are therefore proud to bring an unrivalled level of sterilisation and build quality to the UK market with the highly-desired Systec autoclave range.

The complete range of vertical and horizontal chamber Systec autoclaves offer world leading manufacturing quality and performance. Their unique modular design makes it possible to provide the optimal configuration for each laboratory sterilising application.

You can browse the chamber options for your laboratory below. However, we know that choosing the ideal laboratory autoclave for your environment can be daunting, so contact us today to speak with a dedicated specialist; we can advise the perfect solution for your sterilisation requirements.

What makes Systec Autoclaves the Ideal Autoclaves for Coronavirus Research? 

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Systec Autoclaves: State of the Art Sterilisation

Choose from Bench Top, Vertical or Floor Standing


Front-loading, bench-top autoclaves available in 7 sizes with chamber capacities ranging from 23 to 200 litres.


Top-loading vertical autoclaves in 8 different sizes with 40 to 150 litres chamber volume.


Floor-standing autoclaves which can be used for all laboratory applications, even for sophisticated sterilisation processes and are available in 16 different sizes with a 65 to 1580 litre chamber volume.

ISO 14001 Certified

Many features, such as insulated pressure vessels and steam generators reduce energy consumption and heat loading into the room. This makes the space more comfortable for users to work in and reduces the load on building ventilation systems. Systec are the first autoclave manufacturer worldwide to gain ISO 14001.

The image below shows how the innovative technology of the Systec Autoclaves significantly reduces the cooling time of the autoclave cycle with cooling times of between 5 and 20 minutes.

Autoclave Cooling

  • Rapid cooling systems
  • Substantial reduction of cooling time compared to conventional cooling
  • State-of-the-art technology for heating and cooling reduces the entire batch time considerably
  • Up to several hours can be saved depending on flask size and load volume
  • In addition, the media is not exposed unduly long to high temperatures

Round vs. Rectangular Chamber Autoclaves

The corners of a rectangular chamber are common areas for trapped air pockets which can compromise the 100% steam atmosphere necessary for correct sterilisation. Systec round chamber autoclaves eliminate the possibility of these corner-trapped air pockets and provide even more hidden benefits. A circular chamber ensures a consistent temperature and pressure throughout the chamber, which provides reproducible cycles. Round chamber autoclaves are also structurally more rigid and stronger than a rectangular chamber; a stronger chamber is created with fewer materials for a faster and more efficient thermal transfer, which reduces cycle times.

As rectangular autoclave vessel walls require a greater amount of energy to heat and a greater amount of time to cool the contents being autoclaved after sterilisation due to their thickness, compared with a circular vessel. A Systec 430L autoclave will use an 18kW steam generator, compared with a rectangular autoclave with a volume of 250L which uses a 65kW steam generator.

Effective Liquid Sterilisation

As sterilising liquids is not the same as sterilising instruments and waste, autoclaves should have specifically designed sterilisation programs for each of these applications. When sterilising liquids, most autoclaves reach a certain temperature that corresponds to the steam inside the chamber without ever measuring the temperature of the liquid inside the chamber. Most laboratories would be surprised to find that their liquids never reach sterilisation temperature even though their autoclave does.

Systec autoclaves utilise a PT 100 temperature probe which extends down into the sterilisation chamber and measures the temperature in a reference vessel. The autoclave’s temperature and run time are then based on this temperature, not the temperature of the sterilisation chamber.

UKAS Validation to 17025:2005

Our Service branch can satisfy virtually all your laboratory sterilisation processing needs. We can support your autoclave purchase with initial advice, system design, service requirements, feed water purification equipment, accessories, installation, validation support and maintenance. As an accredited calibration laboratory, we offer a complete validation service for your autoclave, to give you the reassurance that your sterilisation cycles are performing accurately. Our competence, impartiality and performance in the validation of autoclaves are demonstrated by our nationally recognised UKAS accreditation to ISO 17025:2005. We received our certificate of accreditation in February 2011, reflecting our commitment to quality and consistency for our customers’ safety. We aim to save you time, effort and money so you can concentrate on what's going on in your laboratory. See our certificate here.

Guides and Case Studies

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