Within any research or working laboratory, there will be a sterilisation requirement

Avidity Science are the UK distributor for Systec GmbH, a world leader in sterilisation solutions.

When it comes to steam sterilisation and media preparation, effective quality management and the strictest quality standards are indispensable to both Avidity Science and Systec. After all, we seek to enable safe, simple, accurate, reproducible and valuable work in the laboratory which is essential when it comes to the world of sterilisation.

All Systec sterilisation solutions are manufactured to ISO 14001. This ensures that the environmental impact of high-quality autoclaves is kept to a minimum during the manufacturing, as well as in the daily operations of our customers. Along with the environmental benefits, Systec autoclaves are significantly more cost effective to run and are cool to the touch even when mid run so help reduce any health and safety risks.

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You can choose from more than 70 different types of autoclaves, with chamber volumes ranging from 23 to 1580 liters or vertical top-loading and horizontal bench-top autoclave. We are happy to work with you to configure the optimal autoclave in terms of size and process technology, so that you can perform your sterilization process safely, precisely, reproducibly and in a validatable way.

Some of the most common items within the modern laboratory to be sterilised include, but are not limited to;

  • Liquid Waste
  • Plastics Waste
  • Other Waste
  • Glassware
  • Tips/pipettes/plasticware
  • Laboratory Coats
  • Culture Media
  • Liquid Media

Media Preparators

Automatic media preparators: optimized for the preparation, sterilization and sterile filling of liquids, such as agar culture media, Systec automatic media preparators are available in seven different sizes for 10 to 120 litres. Featuring an improved heating performance, rapid re-cooling, a magnetic stirrer, an inner container, temperature-interlocked dispensing nozzles and bushings for filling and supplying additives.

Where there is a need to sterilise, Avidity Science has the ideal solution. Our comprehensive range of bench-top or floor-standing laboratory autoclaves, media preparators and automated media filling systems from Systec GmbH means we can ensure that your equipment and material as safe and clean as required.

Browse the ranges below, or get in contact one of our Laboratory Sales Specialists today to discuss your sterilisation routines.

ISO 17025:2005 Validation

We recognise the importance of the sterilisation process to your safety and the integrity of your valuable research. Our validation team at Avidity Science can perform UKAS accredited validation of any Systec equipment to the ISO 17025:2005 standard.

 ISO 17025:2005 Validation