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Laboratory Labels & Printers

Simple, effective and affordable labelling solutions to track your valuable research.

Avidity Science offer a competitive range of printers and labels from Brady - a world leader in laboratory identification solutions. Brady’s unique identification labels remain intact for life, can resist extreme temperatures, whilst remaining legible, and are legislation and regulation compliant. They are the perfect solution for identifying and tracking laboratory samples. 

Brady printers enable highly specialised identification labels to be printed on-site and on demand. Partnered with customisable software and a specific application system for laboratories, adaptable to specific processes or data file formats, Brady printers support considerable time savings and flexibility in sample identification.

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Simplify your laboratory identification

Brady's laboratory identification products (laboratory labels and printers) are designed to serve a variety of research industries including;

  • Biotechnology
  • Agricultural
  • Environmental
  • Forensics 

These identification products meet four current labelling challenges associated with sample container tracking:

  • Sizing
  • Legibility
  • Durability
  • Increased information requirements

Brady Laboratory Labels

Autoclave labels 

Designed to withstand some of the harshest autoclave environments. High-pressure high temperature sterilisation designed to remove contaminants and germs, will not remove Brady identification solutions.

Bottle and Centrifuge Labelling

Labels for bottles, flasks, centrifuges and Eppendorf & PCR. Brady’s range of identification products offers hot water resistant labels as well.

Hazardous Substance Symbols

Ideal for labelling containers and packaging, holding dangerous substances. All Hazardous Substance Symbols are based on the GHS/CLP regulation, introduced in the EU in January 2009.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

Brady Liquid Nitrogen Labels and Frozen Surface Labels guarantee high quality text or barcode images that are easily legible after being stored in extremely cold conditions. 

Slide Identification

Designed to provide crisp and clear sample identification throughout the sample generation, inspection and storage process no matter what conditions they are subjected to.

Straw Identification

Brady's thermal transfer printers and ribbons allow 2 lines of text to be clearly visible when applied to the internal coloured weight in the straw.

Tissue Cassette Identification

The BSP 31 attachment system is designed to mechanically fasten an adhesive label to a tissue cassette before the tissue-embedding process. The label is riveted on to ensure identification throughout embedding or long-term storage. Brady B-482 labels have superior resistance to processing fluids and specifically designed for Tissue Cassette Identification.

Tube and Vial Identification

Developed for short to long-term sample tracking for various capacity and types of vials, including conical, centrifuge, glass or plastic and tubes. A clear window provides excellent viewing and level feedback of the sample. Resistant to Xylene, Alcohol, Ethanol and DMSO.

Well Plate Identification

Brady well plate labels guarantee crystal clear text and barcoding for most lab environments.

Our specialists can support you to select the most efficient labels, printers and scanners for your needs. Our Tech and after-sales support are available to keep your sample identification solutions up to date and working at maximum efficiency. Get in contact if you would like to request a demonstration.

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