Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laminar Flow Cabinets

Protection of your valuable work is aided and maintained with our range of Laminar Flow Cabinets.

We know that you need confidence in your research material being handled in an uncontaminated, particle-free and sterile environment. 

Browse our full range below; or contact us today to speak with one of our Laboratory Sales Specialists for advice on the most suitable model for your requirements.   

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What is a Laminar Flow Cabinet?

A laminar flow cabinet, laminar flow closet or tissue culture hood is a carefully enclosed bench designed to prevent contamination of semiconductor wafers, biological samples, or any particle sensitive device. Air is drawn through a HEPA filter and blown in a very smooth, laminar flow towards the user. The cabinet is usually made of stainless steel with no gaps or joints where spores might collect.

Laminar Flow Horizontal or Vertical Flow?

The FlowFAST Laminar Flow Cabinets are “ISO Class 3” horizontal or vertical laminar flow cabinets which represent far more economical and valid alternatives to clean-rooms. The utilisation of the G3 pre-filter, and a HEPA filter with an efficiency exceeding 99.995 % MPPS (H14 - EN:1822), demonstrates that the correct use of technologies and expertise can alleviate the worry about the integrity of your work.  

FlowFAST laminar flow cabinets have been adopted in use for product protection from airborne contamination or while handling not-pathogenic biological specimens in applications such as:

  • Sterility Test
  • Microbiology
  • In Vitro Fertilisation
  • Preparation of ophthalmic solutions
  • Preparation of culture media
  • Assembly of electronic devices
  • Nutritional Parenteral Therapy
  • Assembly of medical devices

Chemical Fume Hoods

ChemFAST Top and ChemFAST Elite fume cupboards provide a safe working environment together with fume containment for protection from chemicals, vapours and aerosols in the laboratory. All functional and operational parameters are monitored by a microprocessor control. Applications include:
  • Clinical diagnostic testing
  • Biological and medical research
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Quality control
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food
  • Petrochemical
  • Cosmetic

Guides and Case Studies

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