Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets

Thanks to NuAire’s commitment to advancing technologies in their range, we are able to offer the safest and quietest biological safety cabinets on the market.

Avidity Science has been the UK distributor for the NuAire BSC range for 15+ years.

The protection of scientists is of paramount importance in any laboratory environment; we understand that. The double HEPA filtration technology featured in the NuAire BSCs gives you the confidence that your colleagues are safe. You can be sure that a NuAire Class II cabinet is equipped to do this with its BSEN12469:2000 certification from TUV. NuAire manufactures the highest quality Class 2 safety cabinets for the most demanding applications.

Avidity Science provide a full installation package with its team of national service engineers from the Avidity Science Service Solutions team in the UK, who can commission your Class 2 Safety Cabinet and provide ongoing service support for years to come.

Learn more about the models available below, or contact us today for expert advice from your local Avidity Science contact. 

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What is a Biological Safety Cabinet?

The primary purpose of a Biological Safety Cabinet is to serve as the primary means to protect the laboratory worker and the surrounding environment from pathogens. All exhaust air is HEPA-filtered as it exits the biosafety cabinet, removing harmful bacteria and viruses. This is in contrast to a laminar flow clean bench, which blows unfiltered exhaust air towards the user and is not safe for work with pathogenic agents. Neither are most Biological Safety Cabinets safe for use as fume hoods. Likewise, a fume hood fails to provide the environmental protection that HEPA filtration in a Biological Safety Cabinet would provide. However, most classes of Biological Safety Cabinets have a secondary purpose to maintain the sterility of materials inside.

Introducing the NU-500 Series Biosafety Cabinet

The NuAire NU-543 LabGard Energy Saver Class II Safety Cabinet offers environmental, personnel and product protection, thanks to its ultra high-efficiency ECM motor, ergonomic design and long-lasting filters. Each cabinet has gone through a series of quality-assurance tests to ensure maximum quality, safety and efficiency.

  • Airflow is 30% exhausted, 70% recirculated
  • 105fpm (0.53m/s) Inflow, 60fpm (0.30m/s) Down Flow
  • Auto filter loading compensation
  • Motor Speed Controller
  • Internal Exhaust Damper
  • Armrest for comfort during use
  • Stainless steel coved work tray and front intake grill
  • External fluorescent lighting (100lm/ft2)
  • HEPEX Zero-leak airflow system
  • Spill trough with drain valve
  • TUV NORD certified to EN 12469:2000 

Safely Working in your Biological Safety Cabinet

Good technique when working within a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC) will minimise air turbulence and prevent splatter or unwanted spread of aerosols. Click the image below to view the top 10 tips for good techniques that will maximize potential protection of you, your experiment and the environment.

Ten Tips for Working in your Biological Safety Cabinet.

Guides and Case Studies

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