HeRO endoscope rinse water

300 or 500 litres per hour systems with automatic thermal disinfection. Fully HTM01-06 compliant.

  • Compact, self-contained RO Systems
  • Fully automatic Thermal Disinfection cycle
  • Manifolds for 100% Duplex option
  • Class AB air break on feedwater
  • 300 or 500 litres per hour at 15°C

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HeRO Healthcare Water System

Space is a major concern in the modern hospital, so the HeRO Healthcare Water Systems have everything inside a single, small footprint cabinet. Break-tank, pre-filter, pumps, RO water modules, reservoir, UV steriliser, endotoxin filter. The real heroics though, are performed out of hours, when a fully automated daily thermal disinfection programme heats the treated water side to 840C, stopping microbial growth in its tracks. HeRO reverse osmosis systems offer reassurance for your endoscopy department as their design allows thermal disinfection of every component in the distribution system, every day to maintain compliance to ISO EN 15883.

  • Class A air break on feed water 
  • Integral 70L tank
  • Production rates of 300 or 500 litre per hour
  • No softener required
  • UV device for bacterial control
  • Ultra filtration for endotoxin control
  • Aseptic sample port to verify purity
  • Alarms for critical parameters
  • Fast delivery rates for short cycle times
  • Comprehensive micro-processor monitoring
  • Fully automatic daily thermal disinfection program


Purified Water Specification HeRO 300i HeRO 500i
Pure Water Production 300 l/hr @ 15°C 500 l/hr @ 15°C
Loop Flow Rate 40 l/min @ 3.5 bar 40 l/min @ 3.5 bar
Inorganic < 30μs/cm < 30μs/cm
Bacteria < 10 CFU/100ml < 10 CFU/100ml
Endotoxin < 0.25 EU/ml < 0.25 EU/ml
Particles < 0.2 micron < 0.2 micron


Feedwater Requirements HeRO 300i HeRO 500i
Hardness (mg/las CaCO3) < 100 < 100
Total Chlorine (Cl mg/l) < 0.1 < 0.1
Fouling Index (SDI) < 3 < 3
Iron/Maganese (Fe/MN mg/l) < 0.05 < 0.05
Conductivity (μs/cm) < 1000 < 1000
Temperature (recommended) < 20°C < 20°C
Drainage (max during disinfection) 45 l/min 45 l/min

Feedwater pressure (minimum)

Feedwater pressure (maximum)

25 bar

6 bar

25 bar

6 bar


Weights & Dimensions HeRO 300i HeRO 500i
Height (max) 1920mm 1920mm
Depth 740mm 740mm
Width 660mm 660mm
Supply Weight 180kg 210kg
Operational Weight 240kg 290kg
Positioning Floor mounted Floor mounted
Lockable safety wheels Yes Yes


Electrical Requirements HeRO 300i HeRO 500i
Mains Input 415V Ac, 50Hz 415V Ac, 50Hz
Controls Voltage 24V DC 24V DC
Power 11kW 11kW
Electrical protection rating 25A 25A
Noise level during recirculation < 50dBA < 50dBA
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