CACHEL neutral cagewashing/ bottlewashing detergent (4x5 ltr)

DESCRIPTION: Cachel is a clear slightly viscous liquid consisting mainly of complex phosphates and chelating agents.

APPLICATION: Cachel is used universally in machine washing because of its neutral low hazard properties and excellent scale control. Cachel can be used where a poor rinse may allow carry over from the wash cycle, without the formation of deposits that may cause a chemical hazard. Cachel is safe to use on the more sensitive metals and plastics such as aluminium and polycarbonate, where alkalinity can be damaging to the surfaces. Cachel has a well balanced composition to prevent scaling, remove mineral and organic deposits and it is suitable for use in all types of machines. Cachel has been very successfully used with the Girton ‘Airmaster Washer’ for the cleaning of drinking bottle sipper tubes, when sticking ball valves due to scale formation has been a problem. Automatic dispensing and control equipment is available for most applications.

USE CONCENTRATION: For machine washing use in the range 0.2-0.5% v/v, i.e. 200-500 ml per 100 litre of wash tank volume, determined by water hardness and soil conditions. Wash temperatures should be maintained at 60° – 70° C.

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CACHEL neutral cagewashing/ bottlewashing detergent (4x5 ltr)
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Product Name CACHEL neutral cagewashing/ bottlewashing detergent (4x5 ltr)
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