BMP51 Laboratory Label Printer

  • Simple to operate and quick to print
  • Portable
  • 300 dpi print head
  • Built in Bluetooth for wireless printing
  • Up to 38.10mm wide labels
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Top loading cartridges

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Brady BMP51 Laboratory Label Printer

The BMP™51 Label Printer from Brady is a compact, versatile portable printer with built-in Bluetooth® technology for wireless printing. When used in conjunction with the free Brady Mobile App, you can design and print labels with this printer using your Android phone.

This label maker has a 300 dpi print head and can print professional, durable labels up to 38.10 mm wide. It prints on continuous and die-cut materials at a speed of 25.40 mm per second. With a built-in cutter, easy top-loading cartridges, and 3 different options for battery power, the BMP™51 Label Maker is a powerful printer for on-the-job label making. The BMP™51 has a full QWERTY keyboard, for stand alone operation.

The Brady BMP™51 Label Maker is ideal for electrical, datacom, facility/safety, product and panel manufacturing, and laboratory labelling applications.

Laboratory Identification Applications

  • Straw and Rod Labels
    • Brady labels are designed to fit the small surface area of straws and rods and will withstand long-term storage.
  • Vial / Tube Labels
    • Brady’s vial and test tube labels are designed to withstand extreme laboratory solvents like Xylene, Ethanol, Alcohol and DMSO, ensuring that the specimen identification is always legible - and will not smear, fade or fall off.
  • Vial Top Labels
    • Save time by using the Vial and Vial top combination labels
  • Conical and Large Tube Labelling
    • Brady offers several sample identification labels which are perfect to identify conicals. They are easy to handle, have great flexibility and easily wrap around curved sample containers. Your sample identification label will remain attached and legible, even when the sample is stored in a freezer, in liquid nitrogen or heated in an autoclave.
  • Centrifuge / Microcentrifuge Labels
    • Brady offers a wide range of Centrifuge, Eppendorf and PCR Labels. When applying a self-laminating label, we recommend you avoid touching the adhesive side of the label when wrapping it around a vial or tube, to ensure maximum adhesion.
  • Slide Labels
    • Brady offers labels specifically designed to identify slides and to resist exposure to harsh chemicals during the slide staining process. They perform well in the hematoxilin and eosin slide staining process and offer superior chemical resistance also useful in other laboratory contexts.
  • Tissue Cassette Labels
    • Specifically designed to identify tissue cassettes, Brady’s B-482 label withstands a temperature range from -80°C to 121°C and offers superior resistance to chemicals used in tissue processing enabling it to retain barcode legibility. The label must be used in combination with Brady’s BSP™31 Label Attachment System for pre-process tissue cassette identification and complements the use of StainerBondz slide labels as part of a complete histology process.
  • Well Plate Labels
    • When total tracking of all sample collections is required then Brady has a solution for Well plate identification. Our well plate labels guarantee crystal clear text and barcoding for most lab environments.
  • Cryo Preservation
    • Brady offers a range of labels designed specifically to identify laboratory samples for cryo storage. These labels can be applied to room temperature or to already frozen samples, albeit with a small overlap. The label will remain legible and will stick to the sample container during processing, even when exposed to extreme heat or chemicals like DMSO, Xylene and Ethanol, ensuring secure sample identification in the most challenging laboratory conditions.
  • Bottles, Flasks and Dishes
    • Brady’s labels for bottles, flasks and dishes are easy to handle and flexible. This enables the labels to be placed on curved containers and remain attached and legible, even after being subjected to freezing, liquid nitrogen and heat.
  • Bottle Tamper Seal Labels
    • Brady’s bottle seal identification provides tracking information with the added feature of security. These labelling materials are designed to fracture easily in order to show signs of sample tampering and to prevent one-piece label removal.
  • General Lab ID 
    • Just like a durable sample label lets you know which sample you are holding, a cabinet or drawer label can inform you of the cabinet’s content. With proper identification, time spent looking for the right sample or tool can be invested in what really matters. Brady offers a range of materials suitable for identifying drawers, cabinets, shelves, storage units and laboratory equipment.

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Brady Label Printers 


Description The Brady BMP51 Labelmaker is a compact, versatile portable printer with built-in Bluetooth® technology for wireless printing
Application Wire & Cable Marking; Patch Panel Identification; Control Panel & Component Marking; Terminal Block Marking; Voice & Data Communication; Electrical Component Marking; General & Industrial Marking; Laboratory Identification
Article No. 710933
Built-in Symbols 450 symbols included
Colour Capability Monocolour
Connectivity Options USB, Bluetooth. Optional: Ethernet, WiFi
Display Monocolour LCD screen
Internal Memory Capacity 48 MB - up to 25.000 labels
Max. Print Width (mm) 36.00
Order Reference BMP51-UK-LAB
Power Supply 8 AA's, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, AC Power
Software Compatibility CodeSoft, LabelMark

  1. Labels
    • Easily identify and retrieve samples
    • Remain legible throughout processing and storage
    • Can endure chemicals and hazardous storage environments
    • Integrates with your Laboratory Information Management System
    • Bar coding for extensive information storage on even the tiniest sample
    • Looking for a specific label? Contact us for a quote

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  2. Ribbons

    All Brady ribbons are developed to meet the performance requirements of the materials to be printed, as the bond between the ribbon and the label is critical to the success of the legend permanence.

    Looking for a specific ribbon? Contact us with a part number for a quote

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