DAS-8020 Reader

The DAS-8020 makes use of two microprocessors, one for data transmission and one for the advanced OLED display. This provides a very robust platform for data integrity and future flexibility. USB ports are kept active at all times to avoid port resets on the interfacing computer. Digital Isolation is used for the RS-232 to avoid RF noise contamination via a computer.

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The DAS-8020 Data Acquisition unit is part of a two piece system for reading the ID data from BMDS™ Implantable Micro-Transponders. In use, it is connected and partnered to a BMDS™ Smart Probe; either a RSP-8004 probe for reading IMI Micro-Transponders or an RSP-8025 probe for reading XPT, IPT-300/IPTT-300 transponders. The DAS-8020’s dual role is to provide clean isolated power to the probe while receiving the captured transponder data back from the probe. This transponder data is then displayed and can be sent out to its various output data ports for connection to a computer or terminal.
The DAS-8020 comes with a heavy metal base but can also be configured to mount directly to the Smart Probe stand with no additional parts.
There are three data ports: USB Serial, USB Keyboard, and RS-232 Serial with a DB9 connector. There is a front panel switch for turning off both the unit and the attached probe. In addition to the bright easy to read display, there is an LED indication for USB connection status and probe power.
  • 20 Character by 2 Line OLED Bright Display
  • LED Indication of USB Connection Status
  • Front Power Switch for Probe and Display
  • Heavy Base for Stability
  • Single International Power Supply
  • Isolation Circuity to Protect Performance
  • Can Display Both Original ID and Mapped ID Simultaneously
  • 4.2” Wide by 3.8” High by 2.3” Depth (Including base: 4.2” Depth)
  • Smart Probe Input Port using 6 pin Custom Cable
  • USB Serial Port (Full Size)
  • USB Keyboard Port (Full Size)
  • RS-232 Serial DB9 Connection
  • 12 Volt Power Supply Barrel Connection

Optional Accessories

  • USB Data Cable
  • Coil Probe Cable
  • LINC Power Supply
  • Probe Stand
  • DASHost Software
Spec Sheets

Download DAS-8020 specification sheet here.