DAS-8016 Pocket Reader

The Pocket Readers are handheld electronic systems for reading and displaying the user ID in BMDS™ transponders. The system is small in size and is a completely self-contained portable reader. It can be connected directly to a computing device’s USB port where it is detected as a serial port through which data can be transmitted. A wireless keyboard out is also accessible.

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The DAS-8016 reads IMI transponders. The display uses the latest OLED technology supplemented by sequencing LEDs for low RF noise scan indication. A critical design element is the 1/2 size reader scan head. This new head, while naturally reducing the overall bulk and size of the reader, also offers a more focused read zone. The unit includes a built-in low voltage charging circuit so that the unit can be recharged and operated directly via it USB plug connection. The battery is a single 18650 lithium-Ion battery which may be replaced by the user. The unit has a membrane keypad that includes basic scan functions, plus a full menu capability for entering unit set up.

Distinctive characteristics:

  • Small size – making it a good match for handheld tablets and portable computers
  • Portable operation via internal, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery
  • Auto read mode for non-portable, stand-mounted, continuous read, applications.
  • Ability to directly operate and charge via a standard serial data USB port with no additional interface hardware.
  • Wireless ability to link as standard Bluetooth HID equipped device or connect to a BMDS™ secure Peer-to-Peer radio com module.

Data I/O:

Built-in Full Size Connector Serial USB Out
Built-in Keyboard Configured Wireless Bluetooth
Option to add Wireless Interface via unit Menu
(BMDS™ Wireless Com Module has both Keyboard and Serial USB out)


2.14” Wide by 1.61” High by 8.53” Long
Polycarbonate ABS Alloy Housing
Chemical Resistant Polyester Control Panel

Transponder Compatibillity

IMI-400 with the DAS-8016
IMI-500 with the DAS-8016
IMI-1000 with the DAS-8016
  • BMDS™ Lowest Cost Reader with display
  • Beep and Scan Operation
  • Small Hybrid Scan Head for easier orientation 
  • Bright OLED Data Display
  • Ability to Store and Download about 500 IDs
  • Powered via Single Lithium 18650 battery
  • Recharge via unit’s USB Data Port
  • Compact Size and Light Weight
  • Sequencing Scan LEDs
  • Display with 16 X 2 Characters with Scrolling for longer IDs
  • Menu Selectable Display Orientation
  • Large Scan Button with Instant Double Press ON
  • Button Control of Auto Scan Mode
  • Menu Control of Automatic OFF
  • Menu Control of Beep
  • Menu Selectable Data Output Delimiters

Optional Accessories

  • USB Data Cable
  • Peer-to-Peer Com Module
  • USB Power Supply
  • USB Data Cable
  • Replacement Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • DASHost Software
  • Reader Stand
Spec Sheets

Download DAS-8016 specification sheet here.