DAS-8016 Pocket Reader

The Pocket Readers are handheld electronic systems for reading and displaying the user ID in BMDS transponders. The system is small in size and is a completely self-contained portable reader. It can be connected directly to a computing device’s USB port where it is detected as a serial port through which data can be transmitted. A wireless keyboard out is also accessible.

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The DAS-8016 reads IMI transponders. The display uses the latest OLED technology supplemented by sequencing LEDs for low RF noise scan indication. A critical design element is the 1/2 size reader scan head. This new head, while naturally reducing the overall bulk and size of the reader, also offers a more focused read zone. The unit includes a built-in low voltage charging circuit so that the unit can be recharged and operated directly via it USB plug connection. The battery is a single 18650 lithium-Ion battery which may be replaced by the user. The unit has a membrane keypad that includes basic scan functions, plus a full menu capability for entering unit set up.

Distinctive characteristics:

  • Small size – making it a good match for handheld tablets and portable computers
  • Portable operation via internal, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery
  • Auto read mode for non-portable, stand-mounted, continuous read, applications.
  • Ability to directly operate and charge via a standard serial data USB port with no additional interface hardware.
  • Wireless ability to link as standard Bluetooth HID equipped device or connect to a BMDS secure Peer-to-Peer radio com module.

Data I/O:

Built-in Full Size Connector Serial USB Out
Built-in Keyboard Configured Wireless Bluetooth
Option to add Wireless Interface via unit Menu
(BMDS Wireless Com Module has both Keyboard and Serial USB out)


2.14” Wide by 1.61” High by 8.53” Long
Polycarbonate ABS Alloy Housing
Chemical Resistant Polyester Control Panel

Transponder Compatibillity

IMI-400 with the DAS-8016
IMI-500 with the DAS-8016
IMI-1000 with the DAS-8016
  • BMDS Lowest Cost Reader with display
  • Beep and Scan Operation
  • Small Hybrid Scan Head for easier orientation 
  • Bright OLED Data Display
  • Ability to Store and Download about 500 IDs
  • Powered via Single Lithium 18650 battery
  • Recharge via unit’s USB Data Port
  • Compact Size and Light Weight
  • Sequencing Scan LEDs
  • Display with 16 X 2 Characters with Scrolling for longer IDs
  • Menu Selectable Display Orientation
  • Large Scan Button with Instant Double Press ON
  • Button Control of Auto Scan Mode
  • Menu Control of Automatic OFF
  • Menu Control of Beep
  • Menu Selectable Data Output Delimiters

Optional Accessories

  • USB Data Cable
  • Peer-to-Peer Com Module
  • USB Power Supply
  • USB Data Cable
  • Replacement Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • DASHost Software
  • Reader Stand
Spec Sheets

Download DAS-8016 / DAS-8017 specification sheet here.