DAS-8001 is a revolution in Lab Animal Data Collection

Independent keyboard-free operation makes the DAS-8001 perfect for mobile workstation carts where space is at a premium, and the latest VFD technology provides a bright and easy-reading display with up to four lines of scrollable data—indispensable for data confirmation, review, and setup. The Metal Dome Membrane keypad places the commands to program, edit, and collect transponder data at your fingertips. As a stand-alone device, the DAS-8001 Console is a self-contained powerhouse.

Transmit to almost any peripheral. While engineered to be a fully-functional stand-alone device, the DAS-8001 also can serve as a hub in a larger data collection system by transmitting real-time or stored data to personal computers and other digital devices using the Console’s data ports. As the data is collected, users can define field delimiter, record delimiters, and the type of data to define as the end of the record. Upon data output or transfer, the DAS-8001 can add a user created prefix, suffix, and title to each type of data that is collected. The output is along the usual routes; serial USB, keyboard USB, memory card transfer, or optional wireless transmission, and enables transponder data to be transferred directly into a word processing or spreadsheet document.

The wireless ZigBee protocol option can be either utilized as either an input or output port. As an input, the unit receives transponder data from a handheld reader like the DAS-8006 IUS or DAS-8027 IUS. In that mode, the DAS-8001 is most likely stationary and connected to a computer. As an output port, the unit sends data to a wireless BMDS communication module. In that mode, the DAS-8001 is most likely mobile and transmitting data wirelessly back to a computer. The wireless option can be added later.

Many data sources—one database record.The DAS-8001 functions as a dynamic database, collecting and storing data from many transponders, and the complete range of peripheral devices including weighing scales, electronic calipers, and barcode readers, or other devices. The DAS-8001 formats all collected data into one database record, which you can store in internal memory, forward to a computer for storage, enter directly into fields of an application, or write to a memory card. Incoming transponder data from Smart Probes is automatically date and time-stamped.

Expand control with a keyboard connection. Connect a peripheral keyboard directly into the DAS-8001 to create a data collection task, enter long ID codes, program transponders and use the Memo feature to add notes and observations to data entries.

USB ports enable Macintosh and PDA compatibility. Plug the DAS-8001 into an Apple Macintosh or PDA and outputted data appears as a keystroke.

Smart Firmware updates. BMDS provides firmware updates to enhance the input/output data collection capabilities of the DAS-8001.

Designed for easy adoption. While offering a range of data programming and setup capabilities for the advanced user, with no more than a quick training session it’s easy for novice users to master basic data collection operations with the DAS-8001. A Smart Probe, connected to the DAS-8001, reads implanted or needle-based BMDS™ transponders and collects identification and temperature data—depending on the transponder model deployed. Easily legible data is visible on the unit’s four-line LCD screen with every scan. Each time a transponder is read or data measurements are entered, the new data appears on the screen as the previously entered data moves up a first line. Scrolling back and forth to review data is easy.

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The truly innovative and easy-to-use DAS-8001 Console is the result of twenty-plus years of dedicated engineering. It’s our most advanced multifunction reader-programmer ever, although it claims only a few square inches of desktop space and weighs less than a pound. The full-feature full-function DAS-8001 is compact, but it packs giant capabilities into its tiny footprint. It’s a rugged, reliable, and complete desktop data acquisition system that’s made to go mobile, powered by a built-in rechargeable battery pack.
Use the convenient DAS-8001 Console with any Smart Probe handheld scanner and any BMDS™ RF microchip you choose. Program and scan the industry-leading Implantable Programmable Temperature Transponder™ (IPTT), the read/write non-temperature sensitive IPT and XPT, or—by simply changing the Smart Probe—work with our popular IMI ‘read-only’ transponder.
The DAS-8001 offers multiple connectivity options to embrace a broad range of personal computers and digital instruments for optimum flexibility. Connect peripheral devices such as calipers, scales, and barcode readers, and use the DAS-8001 is a full-featured data collection hub to display and output collected data in user-definable data formats with desired delimiters. Plug into any device with a USB keyboard and output data will appear as a keystroke. You can forward collected data to a computer for storage, enter data directly into fields of an application, store it in internal memory, or write it to a memory card. Two standard
SD memory card slots facilitate backing up, transferring data from internal memory, running scripts making different ports active, issuing user prompts, and creating map files that can transpose transponder code to a user ID.
Use it your way; simple digital display—or—Sophisticated Data Collection Hub
  • Programs IPT & IPTT transponders to provide user-defined information
  • Keyboard and Serial USB outputs
  • Five Additional Data Ports: (2) Serial, (2) USB, and (1) Keyboard
  • Desktop or portable with an onboard rechargeable battery
  • Dual Memory card slots for data storage, transfer, and sequence scripting
  • Onboard menus and keypad interface allows complete independent operation
  • Automated ID sequencing, by single and group sequences
  • Automated date and time stamping
  • Built-in combination stands and handles. Available Smart Probe holder
  • Password protection. Snap-in front cover to inhibit tampering
  • Create scripts for standardized observations and customized lists
  • Optional wireless connection to receive or transmit data
  • Selectable code switch allows input port control by an outside application
  • Optional Wi-Fi or ZigBee output
  • Use with any Smart Probe, wired or wireless

Optional Accessories

  • Com Module
  • USB Data Cable
  • SD Memory Card
  • Coil Probe Cable
  • Programming Booster Coil for IPTT/XPT Smart Probes only
  • LINC Power Supply
  • Mini Keyboard
  • Probe Stand
Spec Sheets

Download DAS-8001 specification sheet here.