Watchdog EX®
Extended Monitoring and Control

Introducing Watchdog EX® – A vivarium management system to protect animal health, improve productivity, and assist FDA and AAALAC compliance. Additional protection for what matters most:

Animal Welfare / Research Integrity / Legal Responsibility.

Whether you’re a current user of Watchdog®/Pulse CMC™ or are searching for a new solution to vivarium control and monitoring, Watchdog EX supplies a new and modern user experience. Designed with mobility in mind, Watchdog EX is a cloud-based, user-friendly mobile solution that provides 24/7 monitoring, secure access to data, and upgrades from anywhere with internet, without the need for new hardware or local networks.

Watchdog EX Environmental Monitoring Brochure




Vivarium Management Icon  Vivarium Management Provides a system and data that is owned and managed by the animal care group. Enabling vivarium specific monitoring parameters like sensors directly in the animal rooms rather than supply or exhaust ducts. Shield Icon Protect the animals and reduce variables Choose a system that focuses on the physiological and behavioral impact within the animals’ micro-environment.
Folder Icon Easy-to-Use System System provides timely, simple alerts that can be customized based on preference and scaled with growth. Records and archives are specialized to research and regulatory needs. Lock Icon Secure Backed by Amazon Web Service. System can be accessed from home, work or any location with internet. No need for VPNs or firewall navigation. Updates and improvements can be pushed out to the system quickly and efficiently without disrupting user experience.

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Watchdog EX works with the equipment currently in use in your facility and operates from ‘the cloud’ instead of on your network, eliminating the need for local networks and VPNs. Seamless cloud integration of new software includes data management and 24/7 data access from internet-connected devices, including mobile. In addition to automatic updates, rapid customer response, and the latest software version control, all delivered virtually, Watchdog EX is ready for 3rd-party integration, expansion, or future enhancements.

Cloud-Based Operation
With Watchdog EX®, all interactions in your facility are handled virtually and seamlessly, eliminating the need for on-site visits and upgrades.

  • Affordable “drop-in” solution
  • Automatic version upgrades and updates
  • Quick response times to your requests 
  • Timely security patches and bug fixes 
  • Automatic data storage, backup, and management


Compatibility with Hardware and Current Facilities
Watchdog EX works with your existing equipment and eliminates the need for local network hardware, servers, and maintenance.

  • Interfaces with current equipment, watering controls, and sensor points
  • Fully compatible with Watchdog® and Pulse CMC™
  • No requirement for local networks, hard servers, and associated maintenance 
  • Compatibility with all underlying services running on your network


Secure Data Collection, Storage, Automatic Backup and 24/7 Access from any Internet Connected Device

  • Secure data collection and storage in the cloud servers
  • No need for data backup equipment, scheduling, or media management
  • Secure access from home, work, or any location with internet
  • No need for VPNs or firewall navigation
  • An improved user interface that is easy to use and optimized for mobile access


Flexible Platform with Opportunities for 3rd-Party Integration and Expansion

  • Expansion with any current Watchdog, Pulse CMC, or Pulse CMC equipment, including Access Control
  • Removes separation of Watchdog- and Pulse CMC-specific points in your facility
  • Designed for compatibility with the next-generation of cloud-based
  • Hardware and software for future expansion


Contact an Avidity Science representative to learn how this new platform can transform the way you interact with the next generation of control and monitoring.

WDEX Brochure

Watchdog EX Environmental Monitoring Brochure

What is Watchdog EX®?

Watchdog EX® is a complete vivarium management system to protect animal health, improve productivity, and assist with FDA and AAALAC compliance. Watchdog EX keeps accurate records of many analog or digital data parameters. Data readings are automatically taken at user-defined intervals and stored in a cloud database. Creating, printing, or emailing useful reports is easily done and can help verify environmental conditions. If a parameter is critical to your facility's operation, Watchdog EX can notify you anytime/anywhere via email, text message, or phone call.

The Watchdog EX system has the following basic functions:

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Water Control and Monitoring
  • Light Control and Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Water and Waste Flush Control
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Alert/Alarm Notification
  • Report Generation

Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring environmental conditions can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive. If done manually, Watchdog EX has automated and streamlined the environmental monitoring process to provide accurate and consistent records for thousands of points throughout your animal facility.

Environmental monitoring is a joint process involving the room sensors, local processors, control panels (ESP, AWSC, PCCx), and the Watchdog EX cloud server. At a user programmed frequency, the Watchdog EX server samples conditions so the most current information is always available for review. These samples of collected data are stored in user-defined intervals for later use in calculations and averages.

Information about environmental conditions is readily available on the Watchdog EX cloud server using standard Internet browsers.The Watchdog EX system is capable of monitoring many environmental parameters, including:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Lighting states off, on, or high-level on
  • Airflow: automatically calculates changes per hour
  • Differential pressure
  • Remote temperature
  • Refrigerators and other devices

For each analog sensor, you can program alarm set points to warn you if the value goes too high or low. If an alarm is detected, the alarm notification process is initiated.