Chlorine Injection Station

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While chlorine must be removed from the inlet (feed) water before it enters the membranes, post treatment water chlorination can be used to prevent bacteria growth in the storage tank. The permeate can be chlorinated up to 10 ppm. Edstrom recommends chlorinating at a level of 2 to 3 ppm. Chlorination is accomplished with a chlorine injection pump and a solution tank filled with diluted bleach. The chlorine injection pump automatically operates when water is flowing into the storage tank. Post chlorine is injected between the machine’s permeate water outlet and the storage tank inlet.
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Product Name Chlorine Injection Station
Feed Water Source Tap, Treated Water
Industry Vivarium
Max Daily Usage XX l/day
Water Quality <1400µS
Product Rate XX l/hr
ISO 9001 No
ISO 17025 No
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