Avidity Water Quality Analysis

Avidity offers water quality analysis designed specifically for research facilities with solutions to improve water quality. By understanding your facility's water, you will effectively reduce variables in your water and take greater control over your research.

Water Testing Offerings:

  • Standard Water Quality Test: This test covers 108 analysis including microbiological, inorganics, radiological, metals, herbicides, volatile organics as see on the list below. We recommend this test be performed twice per year to confirm water quality.
  • Standard Water Quality Test PLUS Pseudomonas:  This test covers everything in the Standard Water Quality Test (above chart) as well as Pseudomonas.
  • Standard Water Quality Test PLUS Silt & Silica: This test covers everything in the Standard Water Quality Test (above chart) plus Silt Density Index and Silica. This test is useful in determining what filtration and purification equipment is needed for an automated watering system for animals.
  • Bacteria Water Quality Test: This test includes Total Coliform, Fecal/E-Coli, Standard Plate Count as well as Pseudomonas
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) Water Quality Test: This test measures the presence of Bisphenol A (BPA)
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Why is Water Quality Testing Important for Animal Research?

While water may be safe for human consumption it could potentially interfere with your research and have an impact on the research and the health of research animals. As incoming water resources become scarce or weather conditions change, many municipalities frequently change water sources throughout the year. Even minor changes in water may introduce variables that can have an effect on research.

Water quality testing is recommended to provide predictive trend information against water source changes and provide insight on any contaminant concentrations that may need to be removed based on the desired water requirements for your vivarium and research needs.

Benefits of an Avidity Water Quality Test:

  1. Protect Your Valuable Research
    Ensure water quality remains consistent throughout your research, to protect animal health from contaminants and prevent variables from influencing your research studies.

  2. Comprehensive Water Quality Solutions
    We will provide clear recommendations to help your facility reduce variables in research and meet EPA’s Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards based on individual water quality test results.

  3. Industry Experience Counts
    Avidity has been partnering with research facilities for over 40 years to help protect animal health and valuable research.

Results That Matter

Avidity has collaborated with a certified testing laboratory to develop a custom water test packages designed specifically for animal research facilities. Results will be provided in an easy-to-read color-coded format with a comparison to EPA safe drinking water standards along with recommendations to improve water quality in your facility.

Water Quality Trending

We recommend performing water quality testing twice per year to trend the water quality being produced. Water samples should be taken at three different locations:

  1. Incoming Water/Pre-Treatment*
  2. After Water Treatment*
  3. At Water Delivery to Animals*

*Tested twice a year for bi-annual monitoring 

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