Small Animal Watering

Small Animal Watering

Small Animal Automated Watering

Edstrom® has a long history of watering small animals and pets. Edstrom drinking valves have been used extensively throughout the world in commercial aviaries, exotic bird breeding facilities, and by small animal breeders and enthusiasts. The simple, rugged design and quality of the Edstrom drinking valve make it the most reliable choice for automated watering, providing years of trouble-free performance.

The System

Water travels from your system’s water supply (pressure reducer, storage tank, or float tank) through the distribution piping, then down to each drinking valve to be accessed by the animals.


  • Provides clean, fresh water on demand, 24/7. No more messy water bottles or bowls.
  • Saves time and labor previously spent filling and cleaning water bottles.
  • Flexible layout makes it easy to rearrange or expand your system.
  • Easy and economical to install and operate, giving you a quick return on investment.
  • Soft o-ring water shut-off seal makes valves extremely resistant to leaks.
  • Valves are easy to disassemble for cleaning purposes or part replacement.
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Drinking Valves

Edstrom offers several models of patented drinking valves, each with features that are advantageous to specific animals and housing styles.

  • Vari-Flo Drinking Valve
  • Original Drinking Valve
  • Guinea Pig Drinking Valve
  • Dog Drinking Valve
  • Parrot Drinking Valve
  • Distribution Piping

Edstrom offers two basic methods: flexible tubing and rigid PVC piping. The flex-tube system is very easy to install and mounts directly to the outside of wire mesh cages. Remarkably rugged, a distribution system constructed of PVC pipe is able to endure plenty of animal abuse.

Water Supply

The water supply feeding your automated system must be clean and of a controlled, reduced pressure. Edstrom offers a selection of water supply options, including water filtration and pressure reduction plumbing components.


Starter and Add-on Kits

These kits simplify automated watering design, setup and expansion. Perfect for the novice, they include everything you need to install a new system or add on to an existing one.


Replacement Parts

Edstrom offers key replacement parts for all drinking valves, including diaphragms, o-rings, and stems.



As a serious breeder and producer of specialty animals or birds you know the critical importance of making a clean supply of water available at all times. Water is the most critical nutrient in your livestock’s' diet, making up as much as 85% of the living body and serving many purposes.

Water in the blood stream serves as a means for transporting nutrients to cells and returning waste to the lungs and kidneys. Water carries waste from the body, lubricates the joints, and helps maintain body temperature. Water also keeps eyes moist, protecting them from dust and other foreign objects.

An animal can lose nearly all of its body fat and half its protein and stay alive. However, the loss of more than 10% of its water will cause death. Deprivation of water for even a few hours can stress an animal, leading to health problems and reduced performance in breeding stock. In the wild, birds and animals obtain a major portion of their water in the natural foods they consume. But because the prepared feeds used in most facilities are low in moisture content, your animals must drink more water to sustain its daily dietary water requirement.


Average Daily Water Requirements

(Animal  oz./day)

Rabbit   5.0 oz./day

Guinea Pig (Cavy)  3.0 oz./day

Chinchilla  1.3 oz./day

Parakeet  0.3 oz./day

Hamster   0.4 oz./day

Gerbil    0.1 oz./day

Rat   1.3 oz./day

Mouse  0.2 oz./day

Chicken 10.0 oz./day

Squirrel Monkey   3.3 oz./day

Rhesus Monkey 30.0 oz./day


Providing adequate quantities of clean, fresh water, accessible to the animals 24 hours a day, is crucial to the overall health of your livestock and to the resulting profitability of your production enterprise. Installing an Edstrom Automated Watering System will accomplish this!

To drink, animals simply move the stainless steel stem by biting or licking, releasing water. When the animal releases the end of the stem, the elasticity of the silicone rubber diaphragm located behind the stem head pushes the head back to the closed position, stopping the flow of water. The animal will discover this and quickly learn that the valve is the source for fresh, clean water.