Operation and Maintenance

1. Routine Operation Check - It is recommended that you routinely check the operation of all Drinking Valves in your operation as part of your normal animal husbandry procedures.

2. Regular Flushing and Sanitization of the System - Because smaller animals and birds drink such a small amount of water, the total flow of water through the system is very low. To ensure the freshness of the water in your lines, all lines should be flushed at least once a week. 

In addition, to eliminate the chance for bacterial or algae growth in the system it should be sanitized at least twice a month. This is especially important if your fresh water supply is not chlorinated.

3. Use of Medications and Vitamins in the Water Supply - Most water soluble medications and vitamins recommended for use in the animal drinking water can be dispensed through the Edstrom Automated Watering System. Whenever an additive is put in the water supply, care must be taken to confirm that it completely dissolves and stays in suspension in the water to avoid potential problems with residues fouling the operation of the drinking valves.

There are several methods for feeding medicated water into your Automated Watering System. If a Storage Tank is being used the tank can simply be filled with the medicated water solution. If a Float Tank is being used, the fresh water supply line can shut off and the tank filled manually with the medicated solution. If a Basic Pressure Regulator Station is used, it can be temporarily disconnected, and a storage tank filled with the solution connected in its place. The Deluxe Pressure Station has Injection Port Valves which permit turning off the freshwater supply and connecting a temporary storage tank of medicated solution to supply the system.

After completing the dosing of the medication or vitamins, the system should be flushed and sanitized to remove any residues from inside the lines. If not removed these residues can promote bacterial growth in the water lines.

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